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Watch on VR viewer

1. Assemble Cardboard viewer.

2. Download the YouTube app, if not already installed on your phone.

3. Make sure your phone volume is turned on.


5. First, tap the video title located in the TOP LEFT corner of the video — this will open the Youtube app. The video will auto-play. PAUSE the video until you complete the following steps.

6. Insert your phone into Cardboard viewer.

7. Locate the hole in the bottom right of the Cardboard viewer. Press PLAY and then tap the 360 Viewer icon in the bottom right-hand corner of the video screen.

8. Look around to view the 360-degree video. 


NOTE: To adjust the video’s resolution, tap the three dots icon in the top right corner of the video screen. Tap Quality and select the best available resolution (varies based on internet speed).

Watch on desktop

1. Enter full-screen mode, and adjust resolution depending on internet speed.

2. Hit play on the video.

3. Click and hold the mouse, and drag it around to view a different angle of the video.


Watch on mobile device

1. Hit play on the video.

2. Press anywhere on the screen, and scroll to view different angles of the video.