10 Years at Lessing-Flynn — Why I’ve Stayed This Long

As an employee on the cusp of a decade with Lessing-Flynn, I feel I have a pretty good grasp on the “extras” that LF has offered over the years. People will often say, “Almost 10 years — that’s a long time, what’s kept you there?”


Well, I’m here to say it takes more than a nice compensation package to retain quality people. While money is a huge motivator to stay put, there are other unseen benefits companies should be providing. As a small agency without all the bells and whistles Google or Zappos might offer (still waiting on the LF ball pit), we’ve come a long way since I started. As a member of Lessing-Flynn’s Mental Well Being Committee (MWBC) we are constantly working to add to a positive work culture by planning activities throughout the year. A few activities here and there do not a culture make, but we know that with every outing we’re creating an opportunity to bond with each other.


Lessing-Flynn MWBC Calendar Events

  • Birthday celebrations
  • Monthly scheduled happy hours at our nearby local establishments
  • Impromptu Friday in-office happy hours
  • Holiday and special occasion potlucks
  • Baby and Bridal Showers
  • Professional organization events
  • Annual summer award tailgating BBQ (The Flynnies)
  • Habitat for humanity
  • Team building activities
  • Step challenge to promote health
  • Water challenge to promote health
  • Year-end Holiday party
  • Massage day (By a professional masseuse — we’re not a bunch of creeps)
  • Dog month
  • Family picnic day
  • Bowling
  • Mixology night
  • Jasper winery series
  • ZooBrew outing
  • Co-ed Volleyball league teams
  • And more!


Beyond these activities, Lessing-Flynn promotes a kid-friendly flexible schedule and we even allow the occasional fur-ball to make a visit. Bottom line we are a business, but we are a business that recognizes there is value to be made in investing in our people.


Beyond the fun activities, we’ve invested in DISC profile assessments, 360 evaluations, account college, professional seminars/conventions and membership to several professional organizations. Oh, and did I mention we get a quarterly Boom Bonus?


Right now, you might be saying, “Well that’s not that much different than a lot of companies out there.” So, what makes our retention stand out? Great people. Our best assets are our personalities. We’re a family, so as employee of an agency that has been around for 110 years, knowing that my company has more than my best interest in mind, keeps me around.


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