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September 29, 2010

Foursquare For Realtors

I'll admit that I've been harsh towards Foursquare usage in the past and it was well debated in this post earlier this year.

Foursquare in a nutshell: Go somewhere. "Check-in" at that location with your phone. Win virtual badges. Push those "Check-ins" to sites like Facebook and Twitter in the form of updates.

With only 4% usage of location based services (LBS) like Foursquare, Gowalla and now Facebook Places, recommending Foursquare or other LBS to our clients has been somewhat of an afterthought. Although, I am starting to change my tune.

I'm going to make the assumption (as a lot of people have) that Foursquare and other LBS users are a sub set of Twitter users. I'm making this assumption based the high level of early technology adopters that flock to emerging technologies. (If someone has the research to back this up, please let me know.) The REAL VALUE I see in brands and individuals using Foursquare is directly based on the way Foursquare integrates "Check-ins" as updates on sites like Twitter and Facebook.

So I'm having lunch with Tony Muse the other day. Muse is one half in-line skate champion and one half Remax Real Estate Concepts Realtor. Muse and I get to talking about social media for Realtors. What works, what doesn't. Then we start talking about Foursquare and how it might work for him . Here's what we came up with.

The image is a screen shot of a Foursquare venue I added yesterday. This is the house I grew up in Miami, Fl, simply called "Josh's Old House." It has the address with a map so it's easy to find. And at the bottom, I've added this tip:

So if you're a realtor, why aren't you posting your listings on Foursquare? How about something like...

Venue: Old World Charm South of Grand.

Location: Shows the address and the map to get to the listing.

Tip: Kitchen renovations include granite and all new stainless steel appliances. Then, include a link to the listing on your Web site.

Realtors are masters of self promotion, so having their avatar being their professional real estate photo, and their Foursquare account being their name won't hurt.

So how do Realtors let people know about this? Link your Foursquare account with Facebook and Twitter. You can do this during sign up. Stop by and see the sellers of the home, maybe bring them some home flyers for their yard sign and "Check-in" on Foursquare. When you do that, everyone on Facebook and Twitter will see something like:

@TonyMuse: I'm at "Old World South of Grand (link to Foursquare)" - That'd peak my interest. Does it peak yours?

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