The 2012 LFBOTB Winner? Simpson College!

Go Storm!

After four weeks of rallying their brand advocates, all of us at Lessing-Flynn would like to wish Simpson College a huge congratulations for emerging victorious in our third annual Battle of the Brands.


En route to the championship, Simpson defeated: Des Moines University, Central College, Summerset Winery, VolunteerLocal, the Iowa State Fair in the Final Four and AE Dairy in the championship match.

By winning the 2012 event, Simpson College’s selected charity, Children and Family Urban Ministries will receive $5,000 worth of marketing support from Lessing-Flynn. We can’t wait!

31357_122460834449514_122459941116270_230995_3503639_n1-300x236Some Thoughts On This Year

Our initial vision of the LFBOTB was that social media would lead the way for brands that were able to win. But that’s only half the story. The other half is that marketers are resourceful. Brand advocacy happens on platforms well beyond Facebook and Twitter. That should seem obvious, but this is not the typical story (or outcome) that is so often told today.

So in many ways, digital media as whole, not just social media, contributed to this year’s winner, as well as the Iowa Clinic winning in 2010, and the Principal Financial Group in 2011. Many of the referring links we see through our web analytics prove this. A strong percentage of referring links to our blog are from emails links sent out by the participating brands and the individuals that support them.

So what Simpson College did, was rally their brand advocates on a greater level than their competitors. Call that great marketing, strong strategy or simply a likable brand finding traction when it needed some love. And so what this year’s LFBTOB should be, is a friendly reminder that the love or advocacy of a brand, and a charity as well, can be harnessed in multiple ways.

Until next year, thanks to all of you who have been a part of the ride with us this year. We’re looking forward to working with Children and Family Urban Ministries and will post the outcome of that work right here.