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October 30, 2012

LinkedIn Steps up Their Game. Have you?

Recent changes by LinkedIn have my full attention. What was once a weekly visit into a bland interface has now become a daily occurrence for yours truly.

LinkedIn for Professionals

Since it's inception, LinkedIn has served as a rolodex gone social platform for business professionals looking to propel their personal brand. And untill now, I've basically used LinkedIn as a good excuse to throw away a business card. For example, we meet, we exchange business cards, I LinkIn with you, I toss your card in the trash. Nothing personal.

There are group discussions on LinkedIn, but for the most part, these are a bunch of people that know a lot about the same stuff as everyone else in the group and their time is spent patting themselves on the back for being so brilliant. At least that has been my experience and I know that some people do find value in this area. But I'll take a pass.

So here comes the good news. LinkedIn has enhanced the user experience in a couple of ways. The most important of which may be the change that allows your connections to endorse you simply by skill set. So instead of trying to write a great recommendation, you can simply click a button to endorse someone for having that particular skill set. And while the old school endorsement has the sentiment of a hand-written note, this simple way to validate that someone has game in a specific area is creating a lot more traction. There are a reported 10,000,000 endorsements per day happening this way. Um. That's a lot.

Other changes we like are the improved changes to the user interface allowing you to more quickly edit and add information to your profile. And, LinkedIn is also taking on the "Influencer" approach by aggregating content from influencers and delivering that to users. One example of this is the  LinkedIn Today email that launched earlier this year.

And the good news for LinkedIn is that these changes are working. According to Quantcast, LinkedIn traffic is up 8% in the U.S. and 14% internationally in just the last month. Page views are also up 15% and 16% respectively. Hopefully this is an indication for what's to come for company pages.

LinkedIn for Brands

The LinkedIn company pages has been a virtual wasteland for far too long. Marketers and business owners were limited to a logo, some description about their company and the ability to tie the company's blog and some other feeds to the page.

If you haven't claimed your company's LinkedIn page - do that right now. Stop reading this blog post and hopefully you'll remember to come back and read the rest of this. You can do that here.

There are over 2,000,000 company pages on LinkedIn today and the anticipated changes coupled with what they've already done should be welcomed with open arms by marketers and business owners.

And while I won't get into all of the changes we'd encourage you to check out the changes posted on LinkedIn.

And while the "cover photo" branding approach and products and services area may sound a lot like Facebook, we think the mere nature of LinkedIn being a business oriented social platform makes this something all companies should be paying attention to. Not to mention the insights pages that show how valuable your LinkedIn efforts actual are.

What we'd like to see from LinkedIn for brands is an increase of the endorsement model they have provided professionals. As it will increase company page awareness, follows and provide credibility to company's that claim to do something well. Allowing this would allow the end user to have a better idea of where a company excels and provide the company with key insight on what market perceptions of their brand and their ability's actually are.

Let us know what you think of the changes LinkedIn has made for professionals and yourself. And while you're at it, and if you're inclined, please follow Lessing-Flynn on LinkedIn. 


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