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December 12, 2012

Trading in my Tiara for a Flight Suit

Hello, Ad Mavericks! It's so good to be blogging from my new "work home" at Lessing Flynn, where I've been hired as the Director of Public Relations. Lessing Flynn has offered public relations to its clients for a very long time, but now PR will have more of a proactive focus. (And don't tell anyone, but I am still going to wear my tiara on weekends!)

We hope that will translate into many more opportunities to tell our clients' stories and also to help more companies shine!

How can PR benefit a company? Advertising is like wearing new, spiffy clothes. People notice and it keeps your business top-of-mind. Public relations works to shore up a brand's long-term value.

How can Lessing-Flynn help? Well, for starters:

  1. PR shapes the debate: Did you know public relations professionals are responsible for more than half of the content that you see, read and hear in the mainstream media and more than 90% of trade media? That's not even including the whole world of social media, which is partially staffed by PR professionals.
  2. Research: The best way to measure consumer awareness is to do either direct or indirect research of perceptions of your product or service. Knowing what others think is sometimes the first step in forming your brand message.
  3. Content creation: Content is still king! We write fact sheets, news releases, articles, media pitches, position papers, PowerPoint presentations, op-ed pieces, web copy, blog posts and ad copy.
  4. Events and Trade Shows: Special events and a trade show presence can bolster a PR campaign and reinforce your brand message with customers and potential customers. We have great relationships with trade and consumer media and can help lure them to your booth with engaging promotions and PR.
  5. Crisis management: When a crisis occurs, clear heads need to prevail. Crisis management starts with a plan and is easier with a trusted, objective crisis counselor on your side. We can help you sleep better at night knowing that you're covered should the unthinkable happen to your business.
  6. Media relations: The media landscape is shifting daily. Traditional mass media formats such as newspapers, TV and radio have been joined by digital media properties (websites and blogs). We have personal relationships with some of the players and know how to reach all of them with a great media pitch. We also have the tools to research reporters from all over the country with a powerful media database.
  7. Partnerships: When you are on a mission to educate an audience about your new product or service, we can recommend the right partnerships and affiliations to make it a reality.
  8. Planning: Sometimes in the heat of the moment, it's tempting to skip steps, make assumptions, and push the button before the facts are checked. Careful planning is the key to making your PR program hum. Taking time to figure out what your goals are pays off in the end.
  9. Media training: We can teach you  how to talk to the media and what to say once you get their attention. WORD!
  10. Social media: There has been much debate about the role of social media in the PR world. Moving forward, I can't imagine a PR professional doing a thorough job in any industry without utilizing all tools as their disposal. We have the skills, experience and expertise to get you out there in social media land!
If there is anything we can do to assist in your PR efforts, just give us a call! Now... where is my wand??

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