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February 4, 2013

Be the Produce Guy

fruit-bowl1Shopping at the local grocery store is probably THE one thing that all Americans have in common. From what I've heard, we've had vastly different customer service experiences. But I've noticed that the guys in the produce department are the most helpful staff members in the typical grocery store.

It got me wondering...what is it about them that makes them so different than the rest? What can marketers learn from the produce guy?

  1. The produce guys know their products! They know the difference between cilantro and Italian parsley.
  2. They are specialists. They know everything about produce and probably nothing about the shrimp behind the fish counter. But that's ok. That's not their area of expertise. And they're ok with that.
  3. They are accessible, constantly bringing out new products, unavoidably in arm's reach of the customers. But they seem to make the best of it. They certainly don't run away when asked a question.
  4. They have to interact, and it seems like most of the produce guys genuinely enjoy interacting with customers and answering their questions. If they didn't it would be an awfully hard place to work.
  5. They will go the extra mile. If they are out of something, they will go into the back room and get more.
As a marketer, are you the grumpy bottle return kid, or are you the produce guy?


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