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February 27, 2013

Grow It. Sew It. Show It.

Marion_County_Fair_Poster Lessing_Flynng Post

(please click the photo to see these posters in their full detail)

There has been a fascination with animal butts around the office lately

 (See the bottom of this post for evidence). So when we were asked to create the Marion County Fair posters you can probably imagine all the ideas we thought up to incorporate some blue-ribbon-worthy behinds. Obviously, most of these ideas got tossed out the window because we actually want people to attend the county fair and not be appalled by posters full of animal butts.

The Marion County Fair wanted a design that was quite different from the illustrative posters they have had in the past, and a design that appealed to all ages.

With that in mind, we settled on using images that relate to the all-encompassing theme: Grow It. Sew It. Show it. With a blue ribbon, ear of corn, and guess what? Chicken butt! We combined those images with textures you would find around the fair like a wooden fence and old horse shoe. These images, in combination with the western-inspired typography treatment, and bright colors create the fair atmosphere, and give a little preview of what someone can expect when they go to the fair. Not to mention, we're big fans of fluffy bums!

We'd like to thank the Marion County Fair for asking us to be a part of their annual event, and we're especially looking forward to seeing the Hairball performance. Hey Hairball, if you need a poster, well, just keep us in mind. : )

animal butts lessing flynn

Exhibit A, and a shout out to LF's Kylee Willard!

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