9 Places LF Designers Find Inspiration

As designers, we are always looking for inspiration. We always want to find the next big trend and we try to stay ahead of the game.


Sometimes, though, we get in a rut. We could use a boost of creativity. Something to spark a great idea. Sure, we could do a search for “awesome brochure design” and plenty of pages will come up. The trouble is, most of those pages of “30+ Great Brochure Designs” all show the same pieces of work. So, we thought we could help you get out of a creative slump by showing you where we Lessing-Flynn designers go to get our inspiration.



It’s a place where designers go to show off their work and some even use their profile as a portfolio website. The curation for the site seems to lean more towards a minimalist style.


Why We Love It: The site is very organized and has a huge variety of project types and industries. It’s very easy to search through particular types of projects rather than combining logos, packaging, advertisements, websites, etc. all into one set of search results.



This site is great for posting small snippets of a project that’s in progress to get feedback from other great designers. There’s a variety of project types, although the trend on the site appears to be icons, mobile app design and illustration.


Why We Love It: Besides having a lot of cool ideas to scower, Dribbble allows you to save “shots” (project thumbnails) in groups they call “buckets,” allowing you to create groups you can come back to later that might be for a specific project you’re working on. It’s also great that they also have a feature that automatically creates a color scheme from the shots that you can reference for inspiration.



Designspiration has a little more grungy and artistic type of design work. Like the previous two sites it compiles snapshots of projects to inspire visitors. The images range in type from illustrations and paintings to photography and packaging.


Why We Love It: While you can’t categorize search results you can see all the image results right in front of you with no need to click inside each project to see more. Another cool feature is the ability to search through projects by color with their color picker search.



You probably know what Pinterest is. Designers use it a lot as a means of inspiration. It’s a great place to find lists of things like creative ads and logos.


Why We Love It: We love Pinterest for the large amount of results we get with each search. More lists means more chances to get inspired. Sometimes we find the occasional rabbit hole of life-hacking tips.



If you’re looking for inspiration for a logo design this is a great resource. Quite simply, it’s a collection of over 250,000 logos to view. The only downside to the site is you can only use it with a $100 yearly membership.


Why We Love It: Designing a logo is much different than many other projects. It’s hard to get inspiration for a logo by looking through poster and website designs. This simplifies the process by clearing out the clutter. It’s also pretty cool that they publish a book from logos on their site almost every year.


The Dieline

Like LogoLounge, this site is focused on one area of design and that is packaging. It’s a collection of packaging designs that you can search through the best of a variety of categories.


Why We Love It: Just like logos, packaging is not like other kinds of design. It’s three dimensional! This site has some really creative concepts to scour.



This video streaming site is a great resource for film, video and animation inspiration. The Staff Picks feature opens our minds to videos we may not come across otherwise.


Why We Love It: We can search for any topic we want and find some artistic inspiration for new trends and styles in video and animation.


Ads of the World

Finding unique ad campaign ideas is very difficult. This site gathers campaigns from all over the world in all kinds of categories and media.


Why We Love It: We love that we can search through a category that’s relative to a certain project or client of ours and see what things have already been done. Being able to see all these different ad campaigns usually sparks an idea for a project.


Creative Market

If you’re looking for design resources this is a great place. Creative market is a place to purchase things like mockup templates, fonts, stock photos, etc. It’s also helpful in finding ideas.


Why We Love It: When we present concepts to clients it’s nice to show them exactly how a project might look in use. So, having access to things like mockup templates is very useful.


Take a look around these inspiration sites and hopefully we can help you get around your next creative road block. Have any suggestions to add to this list? Let us know what they are.


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