How the Apple iPad can Transform Your Tradeshow

While the average tradeshow attendee may not be walking into your booth armed with an iPad (yet), this tool can offer many benefits for exhibitors. They are relatively cheap for most trade show budgets considering all the ways this little tool and a few apps can streamline information sharing in the booth!

Video & Photosapple_ipad_family_710821_g2-270x300

Share product videos and photos with attendees instantly. Once you’ve engaged with an interested booth visitor, keep them entertained with an informative video about your products. It’s great to get them in the booth to see the latest products you have on display, but what if they want to see it work or learn more about a product that isn’t on the floor? The touch-screen capabilities allow for more interaction and foster more communication between the visitors and your sales people.

Product Literature/Specifications

Access all of your technical information, such as literature, specifications, white papers and more, via the iPad.  Send materials instantly to the interested attendee via email.

Lead Generation

ileadsAs an app, iLeads allows you to take on one of the biggest challenges all exhibitors face: lead follow up. iLeads, available on iPhone and iPad, lets you do it instantly. Collect leads, qualify and manage leads, ask survey or follow up questions and then simply upload to a secure website for lead management and follow up.


Use the iPad to promote give-a-ways through a survey, by gathering contact info and by encouraging attendees to subscribe and follow you online; FaceBook, Twitter, YouTube and blog.

Other Apps You Need To Check Out

bCards Pro

screen-shot-2011-02-14-at-7-55-35-amExchanging business cards at tradeshows has become inconvenient…mostly because afterwards someone has to manually enter the data. bCards Pro lets you send your contact info, in a vCard format, via email or Wifi directly to your attendees’ smart phones. Available for iPhone also!

Simple Job Proposal

This is a great app for customizing proposals and quotes in your booth. You can even add signatures with a stylus to your documents. Email the document to your customer before they even leave the booth.


This app makes it easy to develop a directory of tradeshow collateral such as brochures, product sheets, specifications, videos, photos and more. This will be a big time saver and cost reducer when it comes to packing up and shipping printed materials.  You can also send and share these materials

Developing a directory of tradeshow collateral with Dropbox makes sharing brochures, product specification sheets, presentations, photos, demos, videos, etc. extremely convenient. You’ll also free yourself from the expenses of printing and shipping materials, which can be easily shared with anyone right from within the app.


Are you using the iPad at your tradeshow at events? What creative apps or uses have you come across to utilize this new piece of technology? We’d like to hear from you!

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