Battle of the Brands: THE CHAMPIONSHIP

Well, we are finally here. After a month of brand madness the Championship game has finally arrived. For many brands throughout this competition, it was a long, close battle but now we have our last two contenders. A very big congratulations to AE Dairy and Simpson College for MOOving into the Championship Game.

AE Dairy started off the battle against Iowa’s food favorite, Pizza Ranch. However, since the first game, AE Dairy has succeeded to prevail over any competition to make it to our final match-up. AE Dairy is advocating for Youth Homes of Mid-America and hopes to continue their commendable 81 years of contribution of educating Iowa’s youth through the donation of Lessing-Flynn’s advertising services.screen-shot-2012-08-01-at-11-59-01-am-300x124

Simpson College started off the games with a brand-off between them and Central College but now has crusaded against all odds to make it to the very end. Simpson is playing for the non- profit organization,  Children and Family Urban Ministries and intends to donate their prize of $5,000 in advertising from Lessing-Flynn to this organization.

Voting for the championship will end on Friday, August 3rd at 5PM CST

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