Battle of the Brands: The Elite 8 – Super Tuesday

Welcome to Super Tuesday – the re-do of the Elite 8 of Lessing-Flynn‘s Battle of the Brands. As you may have read, we had some fraudulent voting. You can relive that drama here. Because of this voting will only last for four hours today. You can relive this particular drama here.

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Now, for the good drama. Your favorite brands going head-to-head. Below you will find the match-ups we posted last week. To go straight to the VOTING polls, click here. You will find another voting link at the bottom of this post. Voting will end on TODAY, TUESDAY AT 2 P.M. (Yes, not a typo).

Thanks for participating in Lessing-Flynn‘s Battle of the Brands!

Fuel & Fun Region

“Barnyard Brew Ha Ha” – Iowa State Fair vs. Blank Park Zoo

We’ve got heifers, goats and the pig barn. We’ve got sea lions, tigers and butterflies. There’sthe Bud Tent and Jalepeno Pete’s. We’ve got beer at the Zoo! Check out “Zoo Brew.” It’s the “Barnyard Brew Ha Ha!”



Health & Home Region

“Open Procedure” – Iowa Clinic vs. Iowa Realty

Sure, “Open Procedure” sounds like someone may have an Inguinal Hernia, but that’s the best we could come up with on short notice. The Iowa Clinic clearly has some love, generating over 1,000 votes during the Sweet 16. Iowa Realty also seemed to have some serious support to the tune of 1400 + votes. So, which Iowa brand will make it to the Final Four? That’s up to you!



Potpourri Region

“CSI: Fargo” – Wells Fargo vs. KCCI

We sure hope Kevin Cooney is a CSI television show fan. KCCI, a CBS affiliate shows moreCSI: ______ programming than anyone else. Wouldn’t “CSI: Fargo” starring Frances McDormand as her Fargo movie character, Marge Gunderson be awesome? YEAH – YOU BETCHA! KCCI – the clear television news leader takes on an Iowa brand so big they named an arena after them. These guys even have their own Wikipedia page. Their 2009 revenue was $98 billion. That’s with a “B.”



Food Region

“Udderly Helpful” – Anderson Erickson Dairy vs. Hy-Vee

Who knew people liked their milk products this much? AE Dairy makes so many great products we’re giving you a link to them here. Oh yeah, did you know that AE Dairy receives 99% of milk from family farms in Iowa? What’s not to love about that? The Helpful Smile in Every Aisle seems to be more than a tagline – it’s the actual experience you get when you shop at Hy-Vee. Check out their Proud Smiles section. Guessing Hy-Vee sells more AE products than anyone else in the state. Hope we don’t damage the partnership or someone will be crying over spilled milk.



To VOTE for the Elite 8 match-ups click HERE.

To see the Sweet 16 results, click here.

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