Battle of the Brands: Elite Eight

Lessing-Flynn’s Battle of the Brands continues…

And then there were eight. The following eight brands are moving on. Winners of this round will go on to the Final Four.


dwolla_jethros_admavericks-275x300TECH STARTUP REGION

Sure he Dwollas in Des Moines, but is CEO, Ben Milne up for Jethro’s Adam Emmenecker Challenge? Jethro’s BBQ vs. Dwolla

Jethro’s has plowed through the startup region faster than Joe Winn plows through a plate of their wings. Their success makes us wonder if putting them in this region such a good idea or if tech startups in Iowa need more help with their marketing? (wink)

Dwolla is the tech start up darling of Des Moines. Changing the way people spend money is an ambitious endeavor to be sure. It also makes them an easy company to root for.

Tough match-up for both.

aedairy_iowastatefair_admavericks1-254x300LEGENDS REGION

Cottage Cheese on a Stick? Iowa State Fair vs. AE Dairy

Cottage cheese on a stick isn’t really all that far fetched considering the possibilities that a host of deep fryers at the Iowa State Fair can provide.

To be sure, this is a match-up about experiences. Growing up going to the fair and the excitement of going again in a week or two.

Or growing up on AE Dairy products and the big cow on the East side reminding you just how awesome AE products are every time you drive by.

kevincooney_kcci_eddie_principal1-300x180LEADERS REGION

A KCCI exclusive with Eddie from The Principal. Tonight at 6. KCCI vs. Principal

We’ll stop dropping Kevin Cooney references as soon as he mentions the Battle of the Brands on air. Whatta ya say, Mr. Cooney? We’d even accept a tweet. Do you tweet? The bigger question is what would Cooney ask Eddie? And if Eddie didn’t like the questions, what would he turn the blue triangle into in this scenario? I’m sure the folks in the PR department at Principal are thrilled at the prospect. I’m betting Eddie would turn that triangle into a megaphone because cartoon voices can be hard to hear. Yeah, that’s the ticket!


Herky Hams it up at Kum & Go University of Iowa vs. Kum & Go

So how do you find a tie between these two brands? YouTube to the rescue. Seems like Herky hamming it up at Kum & Go has already gone down. We’re wondering if Herky received any tips for his window washing game. Check out the video below, and when you’re done, vote for your favorite brand.

Vote Here:

Voting for the Elite 8 will end on Thursday, August 4 at Noon CST.


Poor photoshop skills by a guy with no graphic design ability should not reflect poorly on Lessing-Flynn.

Here’s the updated bracket. Click for a bigger image: