Battle of the Brands: The Final Four

Alright, no time to watch the video? Come on, we worked hard on it! Alright, here are the results, with winners in bold and vote counts for each.

Hy-Vee – 397 Votes  vs. AE Dairy – 394 Votes (yes, it was that close)

KCCI – 582 Votes vs. Wells Fargo – 199 Votes

Iowa State Fair – 581 Votes vs. Blank Park Zoo – 211 Votes

The Iowa Clinic – 544 Votes vs. Iowa Realty – 270 Votes

Congrats to all eight of these brands!
Voting will resume on July 6. Happy 4th!
Updated Brackets:
Lastly, if someone can think of a good reason for us to do a “One Shining Moment” montage when we crown the champ, lets us know!