Battle of the Brands: Final Four Starts Now

Welcome to the Final Four of Lessing-Flynn‘s Battle of the Brands! We were so excited about the Final Four that we put together a video to hype it – you can watch it here. Our apologies for the lame sound, Fleming should have called Mike Vogel at Professional Video.

Voting will end Wednesday, July 7 at 5 p.m. To VOTE for the match-ups please visit this link or find another link at the bottom of the post.

screen-shot-2010-07-06-at-8-21-16-amMidway Smiles – Hy-Vee vs. Iowa State Fair Food Region Champ, Hy-Vee knocked off local competitors, Dahl’s and Fareway on the way to the Sweet 16. Eliminating B-Bops in the Elite 8, Hy-Vee squeaked by AE Dairy by a mere three votes to make it to the Final Four. Talk about a brand that’s engaged? Two blog posts: Break out the Vuvuzelas! and some Final Four Fever! (Their words!)  Not to mention multiple tweets from Ruth Comer and the folks at Hy-Vee. Game on!

It won’t get any easier for Hy-Vee as they take on Fuel & Fun Region champion, The Iowa State Fair. The Fair may have had the toughest road to the Final Four eliminating Adventureland, The Iowa Cubs, Casey’s General Store and finally Blank Park Zoo. You don’t take out some of Iowa’s best entertainment and gas station pizza with just a butter cow. The Iowa State Fair has brought their brand advocates to the table, and probably some carnies too. Every time The Iowa State Fair tweets on Twitter, we get over 100 visits to the site. That’s a quality following and a powerful brand.

Why don’t you two get together and find some way to come up with an Iowa State Fair grocery aisle in Hy-Vee stores? You think we’re kidding?

Kevin Cooney’s Glass Slipper – The Iowa Clinic vs. KCCI In the history of the Battle of the Brands (four weeks), no individual has received as much mention as KCCI‘s Kevin Cooney. Where are you Cooney? We want to make “Kevin Cooney” appear in our tag cloud. Not that KCCI needs Cooney to shout for the Battle of the Brands. Check out their Facebook page – over 26,000 people like this page! Maybe we should all leave work a little early to catch the news on KCCI! Iowa’s news leader is clearly Iowa’s media brand leader as well.

The Iowa Clinic is deemed by many as the Cinderella of this tournament (well at least by us, and most likely so we could use a Caddyshack reference). Their road to the Final Four saw them beat out the likes of Wellmark, Wolfe Eye Clinic, Iowa Health System and Iowa Realty. They are no slouch after emerging as Iowa’s favorite health care brand. And if Brand Advocacy has been a theme throughout this post, it won’t stop here. The Iowa Clinic has rallied their followers on their Facebook page and has been actively engaged on Twitter throughout the Battle of the Brands.

While this story won’t make the KCCI Health Report, we’ve got two brands that have a ton of brand advocacy.

To VOTE for the Final Four click here.

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