Battle of the Brands, First Round, Leaders Region

If KCCI wants to make it back to the Final Four like it did last year, they might just have to ask for some love on Facebook. With over 43,000 people liking them on the Book, Kevin Cooney and friends have serious social game.lessing_flynn_battle_of_the_brands_leaders_region1

The folks at the Business Record have their work cut out for them but should be able to do some serious damage through Twitter. Few media companies engage with their audiences as well as the @BusinessRecord does. Follow them and they’ll prove it.

Can you imagine a cage match between Kevin Cooney and @ToddRazor? Neither can we, so vote instead.

The Des Moines Register vs. WHO-TV

The print is dead talk is dumb. The Register still brings it through print and online. Columnists like Munson and Rekha Basu keep readers interested and products like Juice and Des Moines Metromix, keep the Register relevant with the younger generation.

jess_held_loves_ed_wilson1John Bachman’s hair is the stuff of legends, making even Mel Kiper Jr. jealous. And do we even have to mention that WHO-TV has Ed Freaking Wilson!? There’s a strange affinity in our office for Ed Wilson, but that (and Fleming’s poor CS5 skills) is a subject for another post. We’re still on the lookout for @TheRealEdWilson but Ed’s Weather Journal will have to do for now.

Meredith vs. Dice

30 million subscribers and more than 150 news stand titles. Makes us feel lazy. And that’s just the print side. Online, Meredith reaches over 15,000,000 unique women every month. Wilt Chamberlain has some competition!

You’ve heard of Monster, Career Builder and HotJobs. That’s cool for the masses. But if you want tech professionals, Dice is your huckleberry. Dice has been helping geeks (that’s not a slam) get W-2’s for decades and they were the first job board. Like ever. Even Al Gore can’t claim that. It’s women expecting Martha Stewart to show up vs. the tech dudes who are happy when any woman shows up.

Featherlite vs. Winnebago

Mono e Mono? Ton of wheels? Yep. Ton of room? Yep. The decision you need to make is clear. If you want to pull cars, horses or ATVs, Featherlight is your choice. If you want to roll with Uncle Eddie to the Griswolds, Winnebago is your ride. How will you roll on this one?

Holmes Murphy vs. John Deere Financial

Holmes Murphy has been an fixture in Iowa and has been repping insurance and financial services since 1932. Nothing runs like a Deere, but how does running your credit work for you? Don’t answer that. We’re calling this the “Hey Holmes, gimme some money” match-up.

Iowa Health vs. Mercy Medical

Over the last year Iowa Health overhauled their entire Web marketing – and we like what we see.  From IowaHealth to Blank to the John Stoddard Cancer Center, these sites do a ton to elevate the Iowa Health brand and engage people and further their marketing strategy of highlighting the concept of getting you back to good health.

It sounds like Mercy’s tagline was ripped off from a Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure flick. We’re been assured by Ben Cox that we’re wrong. Mercy Medical has been touting “Excellence. Everyday in every way” and is playing that message out in their marketing as well. Here’s an interactive presentation that highlights the message.

Be excellent to each other. No one likes needles. Where do you want to get poked? (so to speak). Party on health dudes.

Kemin vs. Pioneer

Kemin is so good at bioscience and nutritional ingredients they are making up words like “Nutraceuticals.” The Urban Dictionary yielded no satisfaction on this one. These guys are huge, with over 14 independent companies, serving five industries in over 60 countries.

Hybrid cars have been the rage – but Pioneer Hy-bred’s corn is the jam. And while Pioneer Hi-Bred hasn’t figured out how to turn corn into cars there’s plenty to like about the Johnston, Iowa based company. Pioneer touts sustainability, production and profitability for farmers. We like that. A lot. Where to go with this one?

Principal vs. Wells Fargo

We’re big Daniel Day Lewis fans here at Lessing-Flynn, and we tell you that because when it comes to these two, There Will Be Blood. Sure the employees smile at each other at networking events but you know cars are getting keyed in the parking lot. This is war! The winner has a good shot to make the final four, the loser is out in the first round. One of the more intriguing first round match-ups, by design of course. The winner of this one will be able to quote Mr. Lewis to the one who loses, “Now run along and play, and don’t come back.”

Does Principal’s Eddy have some magic he can do with that blue triangle? Is that Wells stage coach packed with enough rations to wait this one out? Giddy up!

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