Battle of the Brands: Food Region Round 2

Welcome to the Second Round of the Food Region. Here are the match-ups, how they got here and names for each match-up. You can VOTE for the Food Region Round Two Match–ups HERE or find another link at the bottom of this post.

“The Rib Rub” – Cookies BBQ vs. Tones Spices

While the Iowa Pork Producers Association didn’t make it to the second round, we can’t help but think the pork ribs made it to this round in spirit. Tones Spices products are fixtures in many spice racks. But after you smoke, bbq or broil those ribs, nothing is quite as tasty as dipping that rib in some Cookies BBQ sauce. Here’s a Slow Cooked BBQ Pork recipe just for good measure. Both of these companies make a meal better, no matter what you’re eating. Get your taste on and vote for your favorite.



“Milktober Pizza-Palooza Fest” Anderson Erickson Dairy vs. Happy Joe’s

Without milk, Happy Joe’s would have to scrap the ice cream products, and you’d be eating cheese-less pizza. Van Harden‘s Cheese Crust Pizza just found our blog. Sorry, Van, didn’t mean to startle you. Without Happy Joe’s to entertain families in a way that says “fun” but without the chaos that is Chuck-E-Cheese, there’d be a lot of bummed Iowa parents. It’s milk. It’s pizza. It’s Milktober Pizza-Palooza Fest! – Hey Raygun – We want t-shirts!



“Bourbon Burger” – B-Bops vs. Templeton Rye

Templeton Rye takes their prohibition campaign seriously. So seriously that finding Templeton Rye whiskey is more challenging that getting served whisky in the 1920’s. Their product is so desirable you get on a waiting list. Other than Apple, who can claim that? I’m not sure what’s more impressive – B-Bops beating an Iowa institution in Maid-Rite in Round One or the quality of the food. Oh, here’s a coupon, see for yourself.



“Clean-up In Aisle Four” – Fareway vs. Hy-Vee

You know those guys at Fareway we referred to as having cute little white hats? Yeah, those guys took down the Pork People during World Pork Expo last week. Those cute little white hats have some bite! Fareway says “At Fareway, You’re Family” – and Hy-Vee offers “A Helpful Smile in Every Aisle” – Both of them deliver a great shopping experience, Hy-Vee has the Chinese buffet and kids meals for like a buck. Fareway has the best meat in town and walk-you-out-to-your-car service!  You’ll be happy shopping at either, but you can only pick one. Food Fight Round 2!



VOTE for the FOOD Region Round 2 HERE – voting ends June 18 at noon.

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