Battle of the Brands: Fuel & Fun Region 2nd Round

Welcome to the Second Round of the Fuel & Fun Region. Here are the match-ups, how they got here and names for each match-up. You can VOTE for the Fuel & Fun Region Round Two Match–ups HERE or find another link at the bottom of this post.

The “Butter Cubbie” Match – Iowa Cubs vs. Iowa State Fair

Imagine if you will a “Butter Cubbie Bear Bobble Head Night” at Principal Park? Home run! Wonder if ICubs President/GM, Sam Bernabe would consider it. I know one of the State Fair’s marketers Emily Hennager would be down!


The “Lotto Gas” Match – Iowa Lottery vs. Casey’s General Store

The “Lotto Gas” match-up sounds like a personal issue. Irony: Go to Casey’s buy Iowa Lottery tickets. Win money playing the Iowa Lottery, go to Casey’s buy gas and pizza. Wash. Rinse. Repeat.


The “Grease Monkey” Match – Blank Park Zoo vs. Iowa Speedway

Apologies to the oil change place. You think writing these are easy? We were going to go with “Horse Power” or “Wild Ride” but the Blank Park Zoo and the Iowa Speedway have more game than that. The “Grease Monkey” it is! Waiting on the cease and desist letter from the real Grease Monkey. Someone get Brett Trout on the line.


The “Rocky IV” Match – Jordan Creek Town Center vs. East Village

Not since the cold war have we seen such an epic battle. Ok, maybe that’s a little extreme. Cue the Survivor “Burning Heart” song. Yeah, we went there. It’s East vs. West! But isn’t great shopping more fun than communism? Hey kids, watch the Rocky IV trailer and get your 80’s culture on.


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