Battle of the Brands: Fuel & Fun Results

Congratulations to the Iowa Cubs, the Iowa State Fair, the Iowa Lottery, Casey’s General Store, Blank Park Zoo, Iowa Speedway, Jordan Creek Town Center and Des Moines’ Historic East Village – you’re moving on to round two of Lessing-Flynn‘s Battle of the Brands! You will find the results for all of the FUEL & FUN region first round action below.

Find an updated bracket HERE

To vote for other brands:

VOTE for the match-ups in the POTPOURRI Region Round 1 – Voting ends June 10 at noon.

VOTE for the match-ups in the HEALTH & HOME Region Round 1 – Voting ends June 8 at noon.





Lastly, let us know why you think these eight brands made it through to the second round. Why do you feel so positively about them?

-Ad Mavericks

P.S. We originally designed these polls to have voting end at midnight for all polls, but since Fleming can’t figure out the difference between 12 p.m. being noon and 12 a.m. being midnight, they now will all end at noon. add to :: Add to Blinkslist :: add to furl :: Digg it :: add to ma.gnolia :: Stumble It! :: add to simpy :: seed the vine :: :: :: TailRank :: post to facebook