Battle of the Brands: Health & Home Region Round 1

Welcome to the second full day of Lessing-Flynn‘s Battle of the Brands and Round 1 of the Health & Home Region. If you want to vote on previously posted match-ups, you will find those links at the bottom of this post.  You can VOTE HERE for match-ups in this  bracket or read through the match-ups and find another voting link at the bottom of this post. Voting for this bracket ends on Monday, June 8 at midnight.


Seeing is Believing in this visionary battle. Will it be Wolfe Eye Clinic who offers LASIK and services for age-related eye disease and childhood eye disorders? Or do you believe that you gotta have, you gotta have, you gotta have those Whylie Eyes from Wylie Eye Care? How do you (ahem) see it?


Regardless of this outcome, health insurance provider Wellmark will either be singing the blues or saying you can’t beat the blues. Iowa Clinic is the largest physician owned multi-specialty group in Central Iowa and offers a potpourri of health services, many of them probably insured by Wellmark. It’s health care irony at its best, folks.


Iowa Health System promises the Best outcome for every patient, everytime. Mercy Medical Center Des Moines promises Excellence. Everyday in every way. Someone get a copywriter to fix the excessive use of the word “every.” Whoevery you are voting for, prepare for blood! This is going to be sick battle! Sorry, can’t help it.


Iowa Vein wants to make your legs look so go that you’ll Stand up and Be AdmiredHeartland Plastic Surgery (warning, they have breast augmentation before and after pictures on their website) offers a ton or other plastic surgery and reconstructive surgeries. So, sexy legs vs. sexy, well, other stuff. Since Big Earl’s Goldmine (notice the lack of a link) didn’t make the field, this is about as sexy as this contest is going to get. Go vote and stop looking at those before and after photos.


Homemakers has been making your house a home since 1974. Redeker’s in Boone has been doing the same since 1930. Homemakers was so big, they had to make it bigger. Redeker’s has a storied history and great small town service.  So is Redeker’s (in Boone) worth the drive or is Urbandale far enough?


Battle of the monthly bills! Let’s agree on this, it sucks when either of them are shut off. MediaCom offers digital cable, HD, VOIP and  Internet service. Then again without Mid American Energy, you couldn’t use any of it. Chicken and Egg? Sing it with us…”Obsessively relentlentlessly, OOOOOOOOOO, at your service.” Someone help us with the MediaCom jingle.


The Weitz Company has been around for 150 years and builds everything from Golf Courses, Resorts and Commercial Buildings. Hubbell gets good press (and rightly so) for their Hubbell Extreme project. Both are reputable construction companies that have managed not to make headlines for bad reasons during the recession.


So you want to sell your house? Call us in 6 months and let us know how it’s going. Whether you want a Realtor from Iowa Realty or want to sell it yourself with Next Generation we couldn’t help but pit these two together. FSBO is a four letter acronym for Realtors. Interesting to see how this plays out.

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So sit back, vote and enjoy Lessing-Flynn‘s Battle of the Brands!

-Ad Mavericks