Battle of the Brands: Health & Home Region Round 2

Welcome to the Second Round of the Health & Home Region. Here are the match-ups, how they got here and names for each match-up.

“Clinical Trials” – Wolfe Eye Clinic vs. The Iowa Clinic What, you got a better name? They help you see, they help you live. They both do nice things. Wolfe Eye Clinic sponsors one our favorite charities, Prevent Blindness Iowa, and The Iowa Clinic helps people in Haiti.


“This Health Care Battle Has Legs” – Iowa Health System vs. Iowa Vein Center The longer Iowa Vein Center survives the Battle of the Brands the harder it will be not to make a Carly Simon reference. If they make the Final Four, it will be Carly Simon week at Lessing-Flynn. Until then, we’ll make a ZZ Top reference. Iowa Health System employs over 20,000 people – makes you wonder if Cheri Bustos, V.P. Public Relations and Communications may hit the send email to all button. Hi Cheri, thanks for reading!


“Watts up Homey” – Homemakers vs. MidAmerican Energy

Clean Energy Act or Clean Ottoman. Circuit Breakers or Price Breakers. 636,223 Iowans counting on Mid American for electricity or 636,223 Iowans counting on Homemakers for in-store Jackson Brown concerts. We could go on. We won’t. Homey don’t play that.


“Keeping it REALty” – The Weitz Company vs. Iowa Realty

These guys both keep it real – And lately, Weitz has been working to keep it green and lean. Meanwhile Iowa Realty seems to have more million dollar producers than the New York Yankees. Buildings vs. Open Houses?