Battle of the Brands on Hold till Next Week

When we started writing this post, there were 24,000 votes for the Iowa Clinic vs. Iowa Realty match-up.

15 minutes have passed and there are now over 30,000 votes.


The poll was set up not to allow more than one vote per IP address …



We have been in touch with senior leadership at both The Iowa Clinic and Iowa Realty. Both of them have brought it to our attention that there is no way they could be receiving this many votes and realize that something strange is going on. I have the utmost respect for both of these professionals for their honesty and their candor – their companies are lucky to have them in their leadership roles.

Because of the fraudulent voting that seems to be going on we are shutting down Battle of the Brands voting until next week. In the interim, we will come up with a solution to determine a rightful winner. Whether that is with TwtPoll who is investigating the issue or another voting service is to be determined.screen-shot-2010-06-24-at-5-00-24-pm

We’re disappointed we won’t be announcing a Final Four tomorrow – but know that coming up with an accurate vote count is the only way to handle this. We welcome your comments and software suggestions if you have them!florida_hanging_chad_recount