Battle of the Brands: Potpourri Region Round 1

Welcome to the third full day of Lessing-Flynn‘s Battle of the Brands and Round 1 of the Potpourri Region. These were the brands we had to include but couldn’t quite find the right region name for. Rejected options were Plethora, or Cornucopia, but Potpourri seemed to fit.

If you want to vote on previously posted match-ups, you will find those links at the bottom of this post.  You can VOTE HERE for match-ups in this bracket or read through the match-ups and find another voting link at the bottom of this post. Voting for this bracket ends on June 10 at noon.


Not all of us need to finance farm equipment, but when we do, nothing finances like a Deere? Well, we’ll leave the slogans to John Deere Credit. Iowa Farm Bureau Works for Iowa’s Farmers and Iowa’s Future. Guessing both would endorse you financing a tractor. Get your Ag on!


We’ve been told to Count on EMC so much that some of us are still looking for an abacus. Hey, it’s memorable, right? EMC is one of the largest property and casualty companies in Iowa. Their opponent, Holmes Murphy is an independent insurance brokerage, ranked 24 among America’s top 100 brokers and has over 500 employees nationwide. Both have been stand-out members of the Des Moines business community for decades.


Don’t ask us, that’s why we call this the “Potpourri” Region. Let’s call this a heavyweight match-up. Both are huge leaders of their respective industries. Are you taking Wells Fargo to The Next Stage? (Seriously, folks, some of these just write themselves.) Or are you going with Meredith, who has an About Us page that makes the rest of us feel lazy?


These Des Moines agricultural giants are sure to generate some interest from the #AgChat community. Who’s it going to be? Does Pioneer‘s Service with Science get your vote or are you ready to Kick Dirt and not tread lightly with Firestone? This is where the rubber meets the seed!


How do you like your news? Newsprint/online from The Des Moines Register or TV/Online from KCCI? Do you like to snuggle up with a good Kyle Munson article or snuggle up with Kevin Cooney (so to speak) as he reads you the news?  Sorry Ed Wilson, here’s why you didn’t make the cut.


You think these two got put together by accident? This would be like the McChicken vs. the McNugget. Do you like your news delivered with format or with snark? Both have had a great run in Des Moines, although we’re still holding out for CityView’s Best ________ and someone from Lessing-Flynn to get the Business Record‘s 40 under 40. Maybe this will help! Yeah, we aren’t counting on it.


Without question, the town’s two most well known jewelers. And don’t tell us it can only be Jared because that jingle wore out its welcome faster than you can say Midwest Basement Systems’s got your fix call 2-8-9-1-6-0-6. We digress. Dancing frog made Iowa Diamond a household name. I’m sure SA’s Matt Meszaros had something to do with it.


We spent two hours trying to make a backwards “K” with our keyboards. #FAIL – Your dealer for life is a great approach.  Then again, we bet there are a bunch of confused hippies leaving Karl Chevrolet quite disappointed. Toyota of Des Moines sells so many cars, even Marty Tirrel broadcasting live from there dealership on 1700 the Champ doesn’t deter buyers.

VOTE for the match-ups listed above HERE – Voting ends June 10 at noon.

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If you’re looking for the ridiculous video with turtle racing we used as a teaser – you can find it here!

If you want to know what the heck this is about, read this post.

So sit back, vote and enjoy Lessing-Flynn‘s Battle of the Brands!

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