Battle of the Brands: Potpourri Region Round 2

Welcome to the Second Round of the Potpourri Region. Here are the match-ups, how they got here and names for each match-up.


“The Mighty Acronyms” – EMC vs. JDC

Anyone out there not know how to sing the “Count on EMC” jingle? That thing is catchier than a Pepper Ricci jingle gone viral. If that exploding jalapeño doesn’t get you all fired up, maybe you could help John Deere Credit come up with a tagline. We assume they fall under the Nothing Runs Like a Deere statement. Our idea? “Nothing Runs Like a Deere You Financed Through Us“- wonder if John Deere Credit’s Dave Patterson would accept an invoice for that?  We digress.


“Lewis and Clark” – Wells Fargo vs. Pioneer

Stage coaches roaring through the plains. Pioneers setting a path. The easiest battle name selection since “The Alamo” – Tough match-up here. Money vs. Seeds. The world needs a lot of both. Which one advances to the Sweet 16? That’s up to you.


“Newsworthy?” – KCCI vs. CityView

Kevin Cooney tells it like it is! Whether it’s from the teleprompter or at some random parade some guy put on YouTube. Speaking of telling it like it is, CityView makes our Worst of the Week posts look like child’s play. I mean, who doesn’t like their Good Bad Ugly content? Two different styles. One tough match-up!


“The Rocks” – Josephs vs. Karl Chevrolet

What kind of rock are you looking for? The one that has carats or the country boy kick ass Chevy truck built like a rock and sitting on one too? Without question, it will be Josephs or Your Dealer for Life in the Sweet 16. Cue the classical meets country music. If these two made a commercial together it’d probably have Charlie Daniels music. Just sayin’.