Battle of the Brands: Round Two Results

Congratulations to the following brands for moving on from the Second Round of Lessing-Flynn’s Battle of the Brands to the Sweet 16.lfbotb_sweet16_admavericks_lessing_flynn-300x244

Click on the image to see a larger version of the bracket.

Below are the winning brands and their percentage of the vote.

Tech Startup Region (Sponsored By Silicon Prairie News)

Jethro’s BBQ –  89.70% VolunteerLocal –  53.32% Shoplr – 60.54% Dwolla – 61.18%

Legends Region Hy-Vee – 77.47% Iowa State Fair –  71.78% AE Dairy – 81.10% Iowa Farm Bureau – 57.02%

Leaders Region KCCI – 64.53% Meredith – 64.32% John Deere Financial – 54.43% Principal – 50.20% (won by three votes)

Randoms Region University of Iowa – 52.85% Valley Junction – 39.69% (this is the majority as there were three brands in this match-up) Kum & Go – 58.87% Tasty Tacos – 57.08%

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