Battle of the Brands: Super Tuesday

We went into the weekend with the outcome of the Elite 8 of Lessing-Flynn‘s Battle of the Brands unknown. Due to some over zealous bot dork, we found we were receiving up to 1,000 votes every five minutes. As much as we’d like to think that Battle of the Brands was that popular, we weren’t born yesterday. So, in fairness to all of the brands in the Elite 8 and to the people of Iowa who want to make sure only the best brands win, we will resume voting tomorrow.04voting-6501

Tomorrow will be our version of Super Tuesday. Voting for the Elite 8 will occur between the hours of 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. A total of four hours. Why so short?

1. Less time for the bot dork to figure out the software and create chaos.

2. We’re giving voters and the Elite 8 brands a day’s notice to prepare their brand advocates. We’ve seen companies using Twitter and Facebook to get the votes up for their brand – and we love it! This approach won’t change that opportunity for these brands.

3. Provide the most accurate results. We’ve found that people are passionate about their Iowa brands. And those that are the most passionate will be heard loud and clear in this format.

We will be changing the voting software and the way votes are collected. That’s really all we can say at this point.

So what if the bots come back? Well, we can tell you we did our best to come up with the best outcome. But, we think four hours and new software should be enough to deter people who have tried to come up with a false outcome. Whatever the results are on Tuesday at 2 p.m. CST will be the results. Bots or no bots.

To help aid us, we’re asking you to share this post with others. That includes your friends and coworkers but it also includes the brands in the Elite 8. If you know people that work at the Iowa State Fair, Blank Park Zoo, Wells Fargo, KCCI, Anderson Erickson Dairy, Hy-Vee, Iowa Realty and The Iowa Clinic – please let them know.

Thanks for your patience on all of this, and may the best Iowa brand win!

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