The Best Job in the World!

Earlier this year, the Queensland, Australia Tourism Department launched one of the most unique, successful tourism campaigns ever.

They took out a series of online job site listings and black-and-white help wanted ads in a handful of newspapers around the world – advertising an opening for the “Best Job in the World.”  Interested prospects could apply by submitting a 60-second video.  The winner of the job would be paid $150,000 for six months and have a rent-free condo on the remote island – where they are expected to blog weekly on life there.bestjob1

The campaign launched this winter with a $1.2 million budget.  The results?  35,000 entries from 201 countries (and you thought the job market was competitive here?).  450,000 votes.  601 hours of video content.  48 million website page views.  And, $100 million in unpaid media coverage.  And that’s just the start.

Congratulations to Ben Southall, winner of the position.  He’s set to start his new position July 1.  Congrats also to Queensland Tourism for taking a chance on an extremely out-of-the-box marketing campaign – and to their ad agency – CumminsNitro, who just happens to have a local office right there in Queensland!

Amazing how powerful a little bit of creative, outside-the-box thinking can be!

Author: Tom Flynn III