Case Statement: Reaching a Unique Audience

BTC Capital Management – a wealth management firm owned by Bankers Trust Company – aims to reach a unique audience: high net-worth individuals, corporations and institutions.

We knew communicating with these audiences would require a unique strategy. Websites, blogs and social media alone wouldn’t suffice. Nor would conventional tactics like direct mailers, brochures, press releases or media buys be effective for persuading high net-worth individuals, corporations or institutions to entrust millions of dollars to BTC Capital Management.btc_lead1_cover-232x300

No, there needed to be something personal and tangible. A marketing piece that didn’t come out and scream “Look at our marketing collateral!” So we pitched the idea of publishing a magazine. It would be sharply designed and eloquently penned. A classy and sophisticated magazine that a multi-millionaire or the head of a financial institution might realistically pick up and read.

This was the idea behind LEAD Magazine – a biannual publication we helped BTC Capital Management launch in the spring of 2011. In each of the first two editions we featured four members of the BTC Cap team, the long-form copy style of magazine profiles proving to be the perfect form for capturing the personality and expertise of the investment professionals.

LEAD magazine – which goes out to approximately 3,000 clients, prospects and members of the investment community – was an immediate success. While our friends at BTC Cap wouldn’t disclose how much new business it helped generate, we’re told that it was instrumental in landing some new clients. And when new clients mean millions of dollars for the BTC Cap team to manage, it’s no wonder they decided to give LEAD a permanent spot on its roster of marketing publications.