Case Study: Lessing-Flynn Sponsors 2017 NOVA Awards Creative

Project Request

2017NOVAPosterLessing-Flynn was the creative sponsor for the 2017 AMA NOVA Awards. From the very beginning the AMA NOVA award committee had expressed that they wanted an Urban/Night Life/Graffiti theme. With some help from our talented copywriting team, the “Urban Jungle” was born. Challenging ourselves to develop a hip and edgy way to showcase the visuals, we utilized anthropomorphic custom illustrations of jungle/safari animals set against a bright, modern color palette of orange, blue and green. The title font treatment was a direct nod to an urban skyline. We wanted to capture the urban grit and feel without being too overtly graffiti-esque.


Animated Video (by Ryan Adams)

The animated video was used as a “visual program” during the awards ceremony. It’s comprised of shots of downtown Des Moines, Iowa, where the event was held. It was illustrated in an abstract manner to keep the Urban Jungle feel. The music was chosen because it reminded the team of elephants and the bright colors, moving cars, parallax scenery and glitchy overlays brought the video to life.


Full Scope


This was a fun project to work on — there were so many different pieces and visuals to be produced, from digital ad placements to print invitations and signage. All in all there were about 132 digital assets produced (four variations with each animal) and over 80+ print pieces from award certificates, to programs, to photo booth props. All these pieces came together to convey the theme nicely in a very complex and robust execution of materials.


Urban Jungle Creative Gallery

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