Case Study: Secret Lives of Pig Farmers

Have you ever met a pig farmer? If you live near a city, the chances are slim. But I’m sure you’ve eaten bacon, pork chops or other pork products. As Lessing-Flynn brainstormed ideas for the third year of our #RealPigFarming campaign with client National Pork Board, we realized we needed to share the human side of these pig farmers many don’t get the chance to meet.


The Problem

Pig farmers are up to so much more than just makin’ bacon, but sometimes it’s hard to get them to brag about their unique talents and hobbies. As a result, stereotypes can be formed and assumptions can be made… *sigh*. While there is certainly no crime in being humble, LF and National Pork Board got together and decided enough was enough! It was time to show the world just how interesting real pig farmers around the country could be. With our mission in place, we set out to connect and engage pig farmers with their communities using a fun video series titled “Secret Lives of Pig Farmers”.


The Solution

With a little help from social media, we put out a call to action to the pig farmers across the nation: Tell us about your secret life! The campaign took shape using an introductory animated video. This quirky reel was used to persuade pig farmers to tell us their stories and explain to followers on social media what they could expect to come this year. Our 2D Animator Ryan Adams, developed an entertaining video with seamless transitions. Portions of the animation were also designed to be used in subsequent live-action videos once we started working on stories to tie every thing together.

The Results

The introductory video has been viewed more than 8,000 times across social networks, and it spurred some interesting stories from pig farmers. Check out one of our first story submissions from pig farmer/ deep-sea fisherman, below. Keep watching the #RealPigFarming social media channels for additional videos — if you know of any secretly cool pig farmers out there, send them our way!

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