Data Dumping, Getting Serious About Security, and Exploring (Video) Black Holes

The name of the game this week is collaboration. It’s a regular love fest between the big names in tech as they try to make the web a better place. Meanwhile, in the world of social media, while some old features say goodbye, others make their way onto the scene. Check it all out in this week’s Digital Download from the experts at Lessing-Flynn!

Tech Giants Team Up

A new initiative aimed at allowing users to more easily transfer their personal data between online platforms has tech industry giants, like Google, Microsoft, Twitter, and Facebook, teaming up. Called the Data Transfer Project, it’s working to create an industry standard for downloading and uploading information like profile data, pictures, music, videos and more.

Learn more about the collaboration over at TechCrunch or visit the official project site.

Snapchat Cashes Out on Payments

Want to send someone a few bucks to pay them back for pizza? Well you won’t be able to do that through Snapchat much longer. The social app is discontinuing its Snapcash service on effective August 30, citing low usage and tons of competition as major reasons.

You can check out the full story from our friends over at engadget.

Google’s Security Screening

Is your website using an SSL certificate yet? Does your URL begin with “https”? If not, users will now get a warning on Google’s Chrome browser stating that your site is “Not Secure.” It’s part of Google’s overall push to make the web a safer place and has been sending out notices about the change since February. Shameless plug time: If you don’t have an SSL and need one installed (is that even a question?), Lessing-Flynn is really good at helping with that.

For more on what the Chrome update looks like and why you should care, head over to Search Engine Journal.

More Markup Methods

Speaking of Google, the search giant worked with to develop a new structure data markup for voice-optimized content. You can now add “speakable” tags to chunks of text that are optimized for text-to-speech through devices like Google Assistant and other mobile devices and speakers. With voice search quickly taking over, optimizing for voice search is a winning strategy.

Check out the official markup info from SCHEMA and learn more about the effort on Search Engine Journal.

Explore Like Never Before

As if you needed one more way to get sucked into a YouTube video timewarp, the video provider and social network is testing a new “Explore” tab on its mobile app. The tab appears to be replacing the “Trending” tab and will help users find more content relevant to what they’ve already viewed. BRB, getting lost in an endless queue of Vine compilations.

CNET has more about the change and when might see it on your screen.



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