Digital Download: Dropping Donuts, Insta Shakeup and Snap Shopping

Welcome to another installment of Lessing-Flynn’s Digital Download. In this edition, we look at Dunkin’ Donuts’ name game, a major shakeup within the Facebook-Instagram relationship, a new power couple when it comes to shopping and more.

Dunkin’ drops their donuts

The donut shop formerly known as Dunkin’ Donuts has announced it’s going by a new name: Dunkin’. That’s right, after 68 years, the iconic brand is broadening its brand, setting itself up to include more than just its fried dough treats (or sugary, delicious breakfast as they’re known around the office). The move makes sense considering beverage sales (mostly coffee) make up about 60 percent of sales. Here’s Dunkin’ in its own words:

To read more on the move, check out a great article by NPR by clicking here.

Vox also wrote an interesting piece on why more and more brands are intentionally making their names more vague.

Instagram founders leave Facebook amid feud

Six years after Facebook acquired the photo and video sharing app Instagram, Instagram’s founders are leaving the social media giant. Apparently, it’s not the smoothest exit. Instagram founders Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger were reportedly upset about Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s increased influence over changes to the app. What this means for Instagram’s future is currently a hot topic within the tech industry.

It’s complicated, but Recode has a good overview of everything that went down.

Snap and shop

A major new partnership between social app Snapchat and online shopping giant Amazon are about to make shopping a whole lot easier. Coming soon, Snapchat will allow you to snap a picture of something you want to buy, identify what it is and give you a link to research and buy it on Amazon. Protect your bank accounts, this could get dangerous.

TechCrunch has all the details on the partnership and what it will look like in its article.

Google’s getting old

And when we say old, don’t worry, we mean old in terms of the tech world. It’s marking its 20th birthday this month (September 27th to be specific). To celebrate, users will find a video doodle highlighting popular searches through the years on the search leader’s homepage (our SEO team was beyond excited). Here’s a look:

Oh, and there’s also a special Easter egg tour of Google’s original garage office.

See all the celebratory fun with this article from The Verge.

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