Digital Download: Facebook Fallout, Improved Search Tools, and Mobile-First Indexing Arrives

The Future of SEO and Preparing for Voice Search

With technology constantly evolving, so do the possibilities of marketing to the public. The future of SEO seems endless and the future for optimizing content is exciting. According to Kevin Gibbons, mobile apps and voice search will be the next big thing — but we’ve told you that before!

Read Kevin Gibbons full interview with Serpstat, and learn more about the future of search.

Facebook Halts Third-Party Data Access

Following the recent Cambridge Analytica scandal, Facebook has decided to stop advertisers from having access to third-party data. Could this be the beginning of a new Facebook era?

Check out the timeline that social media advertisers need to know from AdvertiseMint.

B2B Targeting To Be Changed Forever?

LinkedIn is making in-feed video ads available to all companies soon, and this could be a big change in how B2B advertising is done. With their abilities to accurately target based on special traits such as job title, industry, skills and much more, they are on the road to becoming the top social media platform!

Check out why Adweek and many other professionals are excited about LinkedIn’s future.

A Shiny New Keyword Tool

Google is providing a new and improved keyword tool for search engine marketers and optimizers alike. The Google Keyword Planner, a staple for anyone doing keyword research, has been “rebuilt from the ground up” according to the search giant. Needless to say, the team at LF is excited to start using it!

See all the new improvements with this post from the Google AdWords team.

Beefing Up Google’s SEO Game

So Google has been pretty busy with pushing out new tools for those in the search industry. For those questioning whether SEO is really that important, Google is answering with a resounding YES by way of the time and effort it is dedicating to its SEO tools and outreach including an improved Search Console, an SEO addition to its Lighthouse Chrome extension, revamped SEO guide, and a new Search Liaison.

Content Marketing Institute has all the details on what Google has been up to here.

Mobile-First Indexing Arrives

We’ve been telling you time and time again, Google’s switch over to mobile-first indexing is coming. Well, now the moment has arrived. Google made an official announcement confirming it’s begun a major rollout of its algorithm change to sites.

Search Engine Land has a good overview of the announcement and we have our own great article outlining why you should care and what you can do.


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