Digital Download: IHOB, Mega Mergers, and the Death of Net Neutrality

It was a very, very big week in the digital advertising and marketing world. If you’ve been tuning out, here’s what you missed that you need to know.

FCC Axes Net Neutrality Rules

The Federal Communications Commission officially repealed net neutrality rules that, among other things, essentially prevented internet providers from charging more for certain content (like Netflix or Facebook). Many opponents worry providers will now charge customers more for using certain sites or applications.

See what that means for you and if you should even care (spoiler: yes, you should) from this article in the New York Times.

AT&T and TimeWarner Merger Shakes Up Advertising World

Speaking of big developments, a judge approved AT&T’s $85 billion acquisition of TimeWarner. It’s all part of AT&T’s larger plan to create a new advertising platform to make TV advertising more precise, helping it compete against major digital players like Google and Facebook.

Find more details on AT&T’s grand plan and how that impacts the advertising world in this piece from AdAge.

Facebook Partners with Central Iowa School for New Program

Social media giant Facebook is partnering with Des Moines Area Community College (DMACC) to offer a rare, new digital marketing certificate program. DMACC becomes just the second school to work with Facebook like this. The program will be ready in time for the fall semester.

The Des Moines Register has more about how this came about and why it’s a big win for Iowa.

IHOP’s Burger Rebrand Creates Jokes…and Sales

Sure, many brands jumped on the news IHOP was temporarily changing its name to IHOb to promote its new burger offerings, poking fun at the chain’s change. But IHOP might have the last laugh on this one. Good or bad, the brand snagged about 15,000 media mentions and nearly 3 million Twitter mentions through mid-June.

AdAge breaks down why this bold move appears to have turned into a big win for IHOP.

Snapchat Opens Its Developer Doors

Notoriously private and closed-off social media platform Snapchat is cracking open the doors a bit with the launch of Snap Kit, a set of APIs letting apps tap into the platform’s system. This means you could soon be able to sign into an app using your Snapchat login or spot Bitmoji used in places besides Snapchat messages.

Click through to TechCrunch for a bit more on how this works and how soon we could see integrations.


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