Digital Download: The Internet Gets Trendy, Facebook Flounders, and Google Tests New Ads

2018 Internet Trends Report Released

Well-known venture capitalist Mary Meeker released her highly anticipated yearly Internet Trends Report for 2018. So what should you watch for? The continued popularity of video (especially on mobile), further growth of smart speakers and what they can do, and an increase in digital advertising spend.

Check out the complete report here or get a snapshot of the main points from TechCrunch.

Fewer Teens Spend Their Time on Facebook

A new Pew Research Center study finds only 51% of teens 13 to 17 use Facebook. So where are they instead? YouTube, Instagram, and Snapchat with a whopping 85% of teens in the same age bracket using YouTube.

Check out more of the interesting survey results from AdAge’s article.

Instagram Adds Option to Re-Share Posts…Sort Of

Users on Instagram can now re-share posts, but only in their stories. You can do so by tapping the paper airplane icon under the post you want to share. Unfortunately, there’s still no way to re-share a post in your own feed without using a third-party app. Fingers crossed that’s coming soon.

Read more about the rollout and how to start re-sharing over at Search Engine Journal.

Google Surpasses Facebook in Mobile Referral Traffic

When it comes to mobile traffic coming to your website via referrals, Google is now on top. Reportedly due to a Facebook algorithm change focused on personal posts over article shares, Facebook is pushing less and less traffic to other websites.

More on the findings and what it means from Search Engine Journal.

Google Tests New Search Ads Optimization

Currently in beta testing, Google is trying out a new responsive ad. It lets advertisers set up an ad with multiple headlines and descriptions and then automatically tests combinations to see which performs best.

Search Engine Land has a more in-depth look at the new feature.



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