Everyone is a spokesperson!

It seems as though tradeshow and event season is always upon our clients at Lessing-Flynn. Recently we have shared some strategies, tips & tactics to help your team members be a model spokesperson for your organization! 1.    Everyone in your organization is a spokesperson. No matter where you are. At a tradeshow, field day, media event, training evening, on the clock or on the town, you are always representing your brand. 2.    You are your company’s brand. Through customer interaction, your-branddealer interaction or other. Every employee embodies the values and qualities of the company and the promises your company makes to its customers. You are the first impression that customer often has of the organization, wherever that may be. 3.    You only get one chance to make a first impression. At a trade show or event, you are making that impression on someone at every moment. How will you and your company brand be remembered? 4.    You are always speaking as a representative of the company. Whether via phone, email, with a dealer, customer media representative or competitor. Be careful of who may be in earshot. It is amazing how information gets out by mistake. 5.    Always plan as if an encounter with the media could happen. It is not un-common for an employee to be contacted by reporters for follow-up stories, additional company information, or a new product launch. Everyone needs to understand the standard corporate media protocol and how to handle inquiries. 6.    When working with the media and responding to PR requests, be sure to get the reporter’s deadline and ask what it is they need. Then let your PR team work to prepare and follow through with an appropriate and planned response. 7.    Be responsive. If you tell a reporter, customer, dealer you will respond – then do so. Your company does not need negative press or opinions that might arise from being unresponsive. 8.    Be so careful! Information can be shared immediately through a vehicle like Twitter. Think about the amount of news passing over an innocent tool like the iPhone. Imagine the power of having your great news….or bad Tweeted and Re-Tweeted. 9.     Never discuss sensitive company information in public. You never know who might be within listening distance of your conversation. Always remember what you say in public could end up in the press. 10.    Be honest, open, relevant….and enjoy yourself.  If you are truly passionate about your organization and the brand you represent, you will serve your brand well!

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