Foster Farms Says No to Plumping

Here’s what I like about a new ad campaign from a company called Foster Farms.  A lot of food companies have tried to position themselves as a healthier alternative vs. their larger, industrialized competitors, using claims like ‘natural’ and ‘organic.’  Foster Farms actually takes the next step and provides the consumer with an actual benefit to them:  Foster Farms chickens aren’t “plumped” with saltwater that increases the chicken’s weight, so consumers aren’t paying as much as $1.50 per package for saltwater.  They’re just buying chicken.foster


The campaign is creative, and the message is spot on in an environment where consumers are taking a more critical look at how they are spending every dollar.  In fact, with more consumers cooking their own meals and fewer eating out at restaurants, the timing for this campaign is excellent as well.  Best of all, they’ve built social media into their campaign as well – including a Facebook page with more than 7,000 fans and a month-old Twitter account with 120 followers.  Considering that the people they are trying to reach are likely to be influencers, this is a smart move and gives them the a chance to help consumers build a stronger relationship with their brand.

With consumers taking a closer look at the foods they eat, as well as special interest groups trying to demonize mass food production practices (the movie Food Inc. is a good example), expect to see a lot more food and agriculture companies step up their own marketing efforts and look for ways to differentiate their products.

Author: Tom Flynn III

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