The #GOBLUE Twitter Strategy

If you’ve ever met a Michigan man, you know they’re among the most pretentious and snobbish college football fans on the planet. Tradition this … Tradition that … Look at our Tradition, isn’t it wonderful … What’s that mesmerizing spectacle over there? Oh, never mind, that’s just our Tradition. Didn’t recognize it at first because it’s grown so much since yesterday.

But who can rightly blame them? Michigan football does indeed boast a storied Tradition. Lord knows if you were a Michigan man you wouldn’t be able to shut up about it either. The saying goes that Michigan men have such high divorce rates because their wives get tired of hearing about Tradition day after day. Only those who marry a Michigan woman stay married, because a Michigan woman is smart enough to know you never let a Michigan man get away. (NOTE: I just made that up, though you must admit you never doubted it for a second.)

tumblr_lsxh5ftuf21r2gleko1_500-300x208Because Michigan so painstakingly prides itself on Tradition, it’s rather interesting that it will be the second school to paint a Twitter hashtag on its football field, when #GOBLUE appears on the field for the team’s upcoming spring game. Historically, it’s the entities so married to Tradition that are most reticent to embrace the changing times. Michigan defies that reasoning here with a savvy marketing move that will introduce more fans to the #GOBLUE hashtag that’s already very popular among Wolverine Tweeps.

So, as much as it pains me to do so, with me being an Iowa man and all, I must commend Michigan for being something of a pioneer here. I suspect we’ll be seeing more hashtags appearing on football fields in the future, and when we do it will surprise no one when a Michigan man steps forward and says, “Hashtags on football fields? Yeah, that’s a tradition we started years ago.”