I’m Laura Plumb, the New LF Intern!

I jumped right into my Lessing-Flynn internship with client meetings on my first day, and it was clear that the team knows their stuff. In my first few weeks I have learned a lot and I’m sure that will continue as I work with this experienced team.laura-plumb-300x199

I’m originally from the Twin Cities. Fair warning, I get kind of braggy when Minnesota comes up. Yes, I do have a Minnesota accent.  People tell me I pronounce “bag” funny, and I have been known to say “you betcha” and “ya know.”

Drake University brought me to Des Moines, and I have grown to love this city over the last few years. I’ll admit to thinking Des Moines was boring before I moved here, but now I know that it is anything but. I love window-shopping at the shops in the East Village and studying out at Gray’s Lake or the Pappajohn Sculpture Park.

I’m currently a junior at Drake, double-majoring in Public Relations and Sociology. I’m on the executive board of the Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA) chapter at Drake, helping our members get prepared for the “real world” of public relations and marketing. I participated in PRSSA’s Bateman competition last year, and have signed on for the team again this year.

In my free time, I enjoy keeping up with the news, both the important stuff and the celebrity gossip. I’m a bit of a pop culture junkie, so much so that I am taking a class about pop culture this semester at school.

The reason I love public relations is that I get to do a variety to things. I’m interested in social media, writing, event planning, strategy and many other facets of public relations. I’ve had a few internship experiences, previously working with LS2group, Amanda the Panda and the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency. All these experiences will help me tackle the variety of projects I will get to work on at Lessing-Flynn, ya know.


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