Keeping it Fresh

For an agency over a century old, we have learned how to keep it fresh and evolve with the times. We continue to build the LF brand in new and exciting ways. This old dog keeps an open mind to new tricks.

Our brand anthem video aimed to express our core values: integrity, creative thinking, and all that jazz. If you started to tune out when we mentioned core values, we get it. The video could easily have become a boring corporate video, but instead we sought to capture the fun, creative, high-energy atmosphere of Lessing-Flynn.

Our talented art director Stephanie took the project on, and got to work animating. We wanted to show, not tell, so we opted for no voiceover. Plus, no one here sounds like Morgan Freeman. The fun graphics are enough to propel the story along, and show that we get stuff done while having fun, and do serious work without taking ourselves too seriously.

Now we’ll stop talking and let you enjoy the show. We hope it gets you tapping your toes and smiling: