Kudos to Kaplan

Kaplan University is a college located in Davenport, Iowa.  They recently launched what we’d call a “game changer” campaign called “It’s Time.” By that, I mean the campaign creates an entirely new niche in the higher education market.  The campaign separates Kaplan from “traditional” universities – but also elevates the idea of online universities.  The campaign is designed to market to traditional as well as non-traditional students by demonstrating flexible learning options.  They’ll even do an assessment to determine what kind of learning approach or environment is right for each individual.

I don’t actually know much about Kaplan University, but if I’m a big-wig at a private college like Drake University, Simpson College, Central College, Grand View or even a state university like Iowa State or University of Iowa, I’m taking notice.  With college financing options narrowing, an approach like this is likely to take a bite out of admissions at more traditional colleges and universities.  And, if you are a big-wig at one of these places and don’t believe they’re targeting your prospective students, consider this … when I Googled Drake University, Kaplan shows up as the top listing – they’re buying Drake University’s listing in Google.


Smart marketing Kaplan.  Very smart.

Author: Tom Flynn III