Lessing-Flynn Opens 15 Branch Offices Across U.S.

Ok, that headline might be a bit deceptive, but Lessing-Flynn was named the newest member of the Intermarket Agency Network (IAN). IAN is a network of more than a dozen ad agencies from across the U.S. who share ideas, knowledge and expertise.

Often, ad agencies face very similar challenges – markets, people, media, technology or client challenges.  Having a group of non-competing peers in markets across the United States allows Lessing-Flynn to “pick the collective brains” of agencies who have already gone through similar challenges, so we can avoid missteps, access information and share ideas and strategies that have proven successful in other markets.screen-shot-2011-01-17-at-9-31-43-am

What does that mean for clients?  It means we can share insights on research and ideas to see how something similar may have worked in another market.  It means we can reach into other markets for recommendations on photographers, videographers and other talent when we need something market-specific.  It means we can pick the brains of a group of successful, veteran marketers when we don’t have the answers (yes, it’s rare, but there are times when we don’t have the answers).

Needless to say, we’re thrilled to have been accepted.

The agencies within IAN represent a broad base of large and small clients that includes names like Verizon, Adidas, FedEx, Denny’s, Wachovia and Microsoft.  Yes, that’s great company. But we’re just as proud to add 100 years of experience and some of the best clients we can imagine working with to this group as well.