Lessing-Flynn’s Battle of the Brands: Kick off!

Welcome to our first ever Battle of the Brands! Over the next couple of weeks you’ll be trying to help determine Iowa’s best brand. You’ll help with this of course by voting on your favorites.


Who are we to decide who makes the field of 65, and how did we decide, you ask?  We’d like to tell you we went through an exhaustive research process, but to be honest, we picked a bunch of companies we thought were fairly well known Iowa brands. In some cases we included some and left off others for our own selfish political gains!  Hey, it’s our competition, right? (Note, if you would have liked to have seen your company on the list, but don’t,  – or if your company is in the competition, but isn’t selected as the “Iowa National Champion” maybe you need an agency who can help (ahem). We’ll guarantee you’ll make the field next year!

How this works: You’ll be able to vote once for every match up we post. We ask that you vote for the brand that you feel most positive about. So check in often and vote often.

The Iowa brands are not seeded. We didn’t think it’d be nice to tell the good folks at Barilla Pasta, “Congrats you made it, but you’re a 16 seed.” You should find some interesting first round match-ups as well as a tasty “play in game” between Chocolaterie Stam and Chocalate Story Book that we’ll post shortly.

You can find the full bracket here or below.


To keep up with the competition, follow hashtag: #LFBOTB on Twitter subscribe to our RSS feed or subscribe by email to our blog on the top of the second column.


So sit back, vote and enjoy Lessing-Flynn‘s Battle of the Brands!

-Ad Mavericks

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