Lessing-Flynn’s Battle of the Brands Play-In Game 2012

Last week started off with a pandeMOOndium of madness as Lessing-Flynn announced the opening of the 3rd annual Battle of the Brands and a new #MOOday tradition. At last, the long awaited play-in game is here as we kick of this brand madness with a match up of G&L Clothing and Badowers.

So on this fine MOOday,… er, Monday, who are you itching to mooooo for? Will it be Badowers with their timeless clean cut look and eagerness to provide a gentleman’s afternoon filled with a drink, sage advice and a fine tailored suit?playingame

Or will it be the longtime Des Moines establishment, G&L Clothing with their popular brands like Carhartt, Dickies and diverse product lines for men, women and kids of all sizes? As the jingle goes, “Your size, your style…we’ve got it all. Here’s some of their customers singing it.

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Voting for this match-up closes at noon on Wednesday, so hurry and vote, vote, vote!

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