LF Ag Day — Flynnies on the Farm

If a picture is worth 1,000 words — what is viewing something in person worth? To Lessing-Flynn, a day filled with hands-on learning about agriculture is worth a full day out of the office!

With so many clients in the ag industry, we decided it would be beneficial to shake things up and create our first-ever LF Ag Day. On July 22, we left our laptops at the office and let our emails go unanswered (well, most of our emails) to experience a day of basic ag learning. We visited family-owned farms as well as student-operated and university-owned operations to hear more about dairy cattle, beef cattle, row crops, precision agriculture and pig production. While touring and talking with producers and students the LF team got a front row seat to see the passion and dedication needed to feed the world.

What types of hay are cut during this time of the year? What goes into keeping a cow healthy and happy every day? Finding out the answers to these questions and more helped us not only appreciate the work farmers put into their end products (as everyone should) but it provided our team with a better foundation for strategies and projects for our clients down the road. Win-win!

Check out our video and Facebook album to see an overview of the day.

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