When Local Businesses Go National

The majority of local businesses are content with remaining just that – local. With the economic forecast looking slightly better, though not necessarily plush, business owners are reticent to expand too quickly right now – and rightly so.

Indeed, those who proceed with the utmost caution are most likely to at least proceed. That you’re content with remaining a local entity does not, however, encumber you from striving for national recognition.

dvvfcwucodfbtgy-20110520192341-300x270Such is the case with Jethro’s BBQ, whose sandwich The Adam Emmenecker Challenge currently holds a decisive lead in the national Fanwiches competition – presented by sports superpower ESPN.

For those unfamiliar with The Fanwiches competition, it’s a national social media contest that aims to recognize America’s top sports-related sandwich (i.e. sandwiches named after sports stars, teams, etc.).

Anyone with a Facebook account and 20 seconds to spare can cast a vote for their favorite sandwich, with victory going to the top vote recipient when the voting period ends June 2.

The spoils? A trip to Bristol, Connecticut – home of the ESPN headquarters – to see your sandwich temporarily immortalized in the ESPN cafeteria.

Additionally, a Fanwiches victory helps the winning restaurant become a notable destination for food lovers nationwide who endeavor to enjoy the experience of eating an immortal sandwich. So if Jethro’s cannot serve The Adam Emmenecker Challenge on a national scale, per se, they can at least serve a national audience locally.

An immortal sandwich. That’s something special. And The Adam Emmenecker Challenge is most certainly a special sandwich. Which is why Jethro’s entered it into the competition in the first place. And why we didn’t hesitate to lend a helping hand when Jethro’s came calling.

So we made this silly video that we hope helps The Adam Emmenecker Challenge secure an extra vote or two. Because whenever you can help a local business go national, if only for a little while, you’d be silly not to.