Major Changes for Google, Taking on Trolls, and IHOb Admission

Welcome to another installment of Lessing-Flynn’s Digital Download, bringing you all the biggest news in digital marketing and advertising. This week, major changes coming to Google, tackling trolls on the web, and the IHOP twist everyone saw coming.

Google Unveils Big Changes at Annual Google Marketing Live Event

Among some of the biggest changes for digital marketers out there, goodbye AdWords, hello Google Ads. The move allows the company to include a bunch of its programs and offerings under one umbrella. Along those same lines, the search giant also announced Google Marketing which will encompass all its previously separate components like Analytics, DoubleClick, Tag Manager, Data Studio and more. This all becomes official on July 24th.

Check out all the big announcements with this helpful list from WordStream.

Google Announced Some Helpful Stats, Too

Google didn’t just show off it’s new structure and rebrand, it also spilled some pretty eye-opening statistics. Did you know 91% of smartphone users made a purchasing decision based on seeing a relevant video ad? Neither did we, but we’re excited to learn it! (Is now a good time to mention Lessing-Flynn has an amazing video and animation department?)

WordStream is on top of this even with more interesting statistics here.

Twitter Tackles Trolls

You may see your Twitter follower count drop as the social media platform starts removing locked accounts for your follower list. Locked accounts are ones identified by Twitter as suspicious for things like tweeting false information or mentioning large number of users.

HubSpot has more details on the move to clean up the platform.

YouTube Goes After Copyright Infringement

Speaking of cleaning up, YouTube is providing a new tool next week to help creators track down accounts that steal their content. Called the Copyright Match Tool, it’s rolling out to channels with 100k+ subscribers, but should be given a wider release down the road.

See how it works from Marketing Land.

IHOP Is Here to Stay

In the announcement that shocked nobody, IHOP has admitted that changing its name to IHOb last month was simply a publicity stunt to introduce its hamburger menu. The International House of Pancakes will remain just that…for now at least.

Check out CBS News’ take on the IHOb stunt.

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