The Marketing Circle of Life

Lion King. The number of lives it has helped shape, we can only begin to wonder. It is a story of life given and taken, love gained and lost, and probably some other important themes as well … Like the importance of friendship or how to rise up through an hierarchical system clandestinely designed to keep us down while further empowering the man. Indeed, things of that nature.


Sir Elton saw the marketing circle of life for what it is … and what it will be.

But most importantly, it is a story about marketing. Namely, how with changing times come new challenges, and that we as marketers must accept that the bread-and-butter methods older generations found appealing for so long may not appeal to the technological appetites and information consumption habits of future consumers.

This sentiment is echoed in the opening lyrics of the memorable Elton John smash hit “Circle of Life.” The opening lyrics “Nants ingonyama bagithi Baba” literally translate to mean, “What was once wise strategy will no longer be wise, so listen to your children for they hold the key to the marketing triumphs of tomorrow, Baba.”

Now, this is not to say kids are smarter than we are (we need only get a whiff of one to realize the opposite is true). Nor is it to say traditional tactics will suddenly prove ineffective (don’t be surprised to see “Is this the Death of Print?” headlines still hanging around in 2020). It’s to say that younger generations will someday supplant your current customers (so be prepared).

Here’s a video that was sent to us by one of our loyal readers, Marc Patterson of MH Equipment. If this doesn’t motivate today’s marketers to begin planning for the trends of tomorrow, we at AdMavericks don’t know what will.