Marketing Tools We’re Most Thankful for this Year

Thanksgiving is a time for feasting, shopping, watching football, feasting some more, trading real pants for sweats and then feasting yet again. More importantly, it’s a time to give thanks… give thanks whilst binge feasting in our delightfully forgiving sweatpants.

This year the LF team would like to give thanks for our family and friends, as well as the wonderful clients and colleagues who make this such a wonderful industry to work in. We’d also like to give thanks for these awesome marketing and communications tools that make us even more effective marketers.

  • Evernote. If you hear us typing away during a meeting, we promise it’s because we’re taking diligent notes on our computers. This service helps us stay organized so we remember all the little things, and do the best work possible for our clients.
  • Google AdWords & Bing Ads Editors. PPC can be a tricky game to play. These sites make it easy to update ads or keywords in bulk, import/export campaigns, copy or move items between campaigns and ad groups, or continue working on campaigns offline. The software is free to download, and simple to beginners and experts alike.
  • Email. An oldie but it shouldn’t be forgotten. Just like our own Connor Flynn, email can get a bad rep for being a little outdated and forgetting coffee mugs everywhere. However, it’d be near impossible to do as much as we do each day without communicating with clients and each other via email.
  • Google Docs. You get access, and you get access; everybody gets access! Google Docs make collaboration easy, whether we’re sitting next to each other or all the way across the office.
  • WeTransfer. Most email servers can’t handle the awesomeness (and large file size) of our creative, so we head to WeTransfer to get the job done.
  • Facebook Page Manager App. A social media manager’s job is never done. This mobile app helps us monitor channels and resolve potential social crises from just about anywhere.

So when you get back in the office next Monday morning, having regretfully exchanged your sweatpants for more professional attire, be sure to check some of these tools out, if you haven’t already. Until then, happy feasting from all of us at Lessing-Flynn!