A Meaner Logo Is Better

Recently the Wall Street Journal explored the impact a logo redesign may have on future success to particular NFL teams.  Is it possible that more streamlined, aggressive mascot  logos have an impact on the teams success?


When you look at teams who have done a turnaround such as the Broncos, Patriots and the Cardinals, you would tend to think yes.

This isn’t necessarily a coincidence. From a branding strategy point of view, an upgrade and face lift sends a clear message to audiences that change is happening and something new, fresh and different is on its way.  Even if this is only a superficial change, the impact from a consumer perception can run deep. An update to a tired or dated logo also provides the opportunity for a company, or “team” to reevaluate the brand and make sure their messages are on target with key audiences. A time to reestablish their place in the marketplace. Consumers also sense that the organization is making all attempts to put their best face forward, in terms of image and products. May not be a coincidence after all.  Go Pittsburgh!

Author: Jess Held